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Nanotechnology Safety focuses on areas that address the development of safe procedures, understanding of material properties, and establishing realistic controls.

It’s time to revisit Nano Technology Safety (Nano-Safety)

Fifteen years ago (2006) there was a white paper published [Ref. 1] that addressed the need to create a structured approach to the handling and usage of nanomaterials.  [..]

Nanotechnology Safety

Mitigating Radioactive Waste with Nanomaterials

As the tools available become more precise and develop new capabilities, discoveries arise that are surprising.  Sometimes, this occurs by accident as happened by scientists in Germany, Russia, [..]

Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology Safety


It’s been a while since nanotechnology safety was featured in this blog.  This blog has previously mentioned the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) regarding the talc in [..]

Nanotechnology Safety

Nano-Safety Educational Efforts

There is a book being published in late 2017 by De Gruyter called “Nano-Safety, Wheat We Need to Know to Protect Workers” [Ref. 1].  (Full disclosure, I am [..]

Nanotechnology Education, Nanotechnology Safety

Nano-Safety, Nano-Health Litigations

A report in Reuters dated October 29, 2016 indicated that a woman in California was awarded $70 million in a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claiming the company’s [..]

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More “Nano” Scare Tactics

This past week has seen a number of headlines about the Johnson & Johnson been awarded a jury verdict requiring them to pay $73 million to the family [..]

Nanotechnology Risk Management, Nanotechnology Safety

The Issue with Graphene

Graphene is a “two-dimensional” structure of carbon atoms.  One explanation is that if you cut a carbon nanotube and unrolled it, you would have graphene.  It properties are [..]

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Nano-Safety – A Real Approach

Two interesting reports have emerged in the last couple of days. “Nanoparticle safety: The quest for the gold standard” [1] by Dr. Harald Krug, a toxicologist, at Empa, [..]

Nanotechnology Safety

Nanonickel – increased danger or not?

Recently published reports indicate that a researcher has developed a reaction to nickel nanoparticles [1, 2]. “A 26-year-old female chemist formulated polymers and coatings usually using silver ink [..]

Nanotechnology Risk Management, Nanotechnology Safety

Nano-toxicity IS NOT Nano-Safety

There have been some recent mentions of nano-toxicity as being nanotechnology safety.  There are Government requests for review of proposed documents regarding either nano-safety or nano-toxicity.  The way [..]

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