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A Time of Turmoil and a Time of Opportunity

As this month’s blog is being written, the US has a “shelter-in-place” directive that has been extended through the end of April.  There are many reports of possible [..]

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Nano-Safety, Nano-Health Litigations

A report in Reuters dated October 29, 2016 indicated that a woman in California was awarded $70 million in a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claiming the company’s [..]

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Polymorphism and nano-toxicology

What is polymorphism?  In the Oxford Dictionary, polymorph is an organism or inorganic object or material that takes various forms.  Polymorphism is defined, in material science, as the [..]

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Water Purification

About one in six people in the world do not have access to water and one in three do not have adequate sanitation. There is much work being [..]

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A coming medical revolution?

If you have been reading technology news recently, you probably noticed that there is a lot of interest in the development of the Star Trek tricorder. There is [..]

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Nano-toxicity IS NOT Nano-Safety

There have been some recent mentions of nano-toxicity as being nanotechnology safety.  There are Government requests for review of proposed documents regarding either nano-safety or nano-toxicity.  The way [..]

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Nanotechnology and Future Bionics

There is a recent report [1] of an amputee with a bionic hand being able to feel texture and shape of objects in his grasp.  This was a [..]

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Health & Environment

Building on the overview, two weeks ago, of Nano-Safety, this week’s blog will present some thoughts from the second pillar of Nano-Safety, which is the “Impact on People [..]

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