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Nanotechnology and Electronics

The competition for nanotechnology applications in electronic circuitry is meeting manufacturing volume challenges, reliability, and cost.  Until the manufacturing volume can be demonstrated, the reliability can not be evaluated.  Cost will be a function of developing means of high-volume manufacturing.  … Continue reading

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Lithium, Graphene, and batteries

With the reliance of potable electronics on battery power, researchers are exploring various approached to increase the power density of materials for batteries.  The majority of batteries for applications, like cell phones, computers, other portable devices, are based on incorporating … Continue reading

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Vacuum Tubes

This might seem like an unusual topic for nanotechnology.  The vacuum tube was the centerpiece of electronic advancement prior to solid state devices.  Their application was incorporated into most electronics through the mid 1960s.  Even today, audiophiles will tell you … Continue reading

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This blog is a slight variation from the typical nanotechnology ones. The frequency of the mention of memristors has been increasing. Memristors are novel components of circuits which improves in performance as their size moves into the nano realm..  I … Continue reading

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Nano Electronics

What actually is nano electronics?  The semiconductor people have been working with features that are 100 nm or smaller for close to 20 years.  The current generation of semiconductors are classified as being 32 nm or smaller. So we have … Continue reading

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