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Business and Nanomaterials

Business and Nanomaterials The fourth pillar of Nanotechnology Safety is the Business Focus. The business aspect is the most important for the development and commercialization of nanotechnology.  The [..]


Scientific (mis)Results and (mis)Reporting

This week’s blog was going to be on “Business and Nanomaterials”.  However, there have been several publications that passed through my readings that addressed the same issue and [..]

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Handling of Nanomaterials

Unfortunately, there currently is not a site or an authority that you can go to and find the proper methods for handling nanomaterials.  We don’t know the properties [..]

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Health & Environment

Building on the overview, two weeks ago, of Nano-Safety, this week’s blog will present some thoughts from the second pillar of Nano-Safety, which is the “Impact on People [..]

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