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Regulations of nanomaterials

Regulations and MSDS Entering into the world of nanotechnology provides numerous surprises.  In our last blog, we provided an overview of the four pillars of Nano-Safety.  This week [..]

Nanotechnology Risk Management

Nanotube Computer

There has been an interesting report from Stanford University.  The researchers have developed a working computer that is based on carbon nanotube electronics.  This is the first time [..]

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Nano-Safety What is safety with respect to nanotechnology?  In the simplest terms, it is the development, manufacture, application, and control of nanomaterials in a manner that minimizes potential [..]

Nanotechnology Safety

When is “nano” really nano

The common definition of “nano” is when one dimension of a material is less than 100 nm.  The definition from a Google search [1] on “What is nanotechnology?” [..]

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Two-dimensional Materials?

Graphene is one form of carbon atoms arranged in a densely packed hexagonal lattice.  It has been called a two-dimensional material due to the fact that most references [..]

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nanotechnology research

Nanotechnology can be a controversial topic.  There are numerous reports that are published showing that a specific nanomaterial (pick your favorite one) is beneficial or is harmful and [..]

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