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More AI Concerns

Last year, the November blog mentioned some of the challenges with Generative Artificial Intelligence (genAI).  The tools that are becoming available still need to learn from some existing [..]


Year end Wrap-up

The most popular technical/computer topic at the end of 2023 was Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), which was briefly touched on in last month’s blog.  As 2023 draws to [..]

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Analog & Digital – Part II

Today’s electronics are based on the transistor, which can be switched either on (a one) or off (a zero).  Among other things, the sounds coming from musical instruments [..]


Analog & Digital – Part I

There is no question that we live in a digital world.  What does that mean?  Is there another world?  What is the difference?  We live in a world [..]


The Issue with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The issue of AI has been in the headlines of major newspapers with all kinds of doom projections.  Reference 1 from earlier this year has 11 areas that [..]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Nano Technology

“AI” has become a “hot” topic in both technical publications and general newspapers.  There have been multiple stories of ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 and other Chatbots [Ref 1]. [..]


What is the Cost of Ownership?

Recently, the term “Cost of Ownership” has been appearing in various papers about a number of topics, including wind power and electric vehicles among others.  The Wall Street [..]


Technology Roadmaps update & more unusual nano properties

In the June 2018 blog both the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors and the current International Roadmap for Devices and Systems were mentioned in a discussion of the [..]


Below nano gets more interesting

Last blog mentioned metallic hydrogen at a very small level.  As the computational power increases, we are able to examine (theoretically at least) the behavior of various materials.  [..]

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Interesting things

A couple thoughts on Hydrogen.  This might be old news to some, but two Harvard scientists have created metallic hydrogen [Ref. 1] by employing extreme pressures. This material [..]

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