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What is the Cost of Ownership?

Recently, the term “Cost of Ownership” has been appearing in various papers about a number of topics, including wind power and electric vehicles among others.  The Wall Street Journal had an article comparing the emissions cost of a gasoline car … Continue reading

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Technology Roadmaps update & more unusual nano properties

In the June 2018 blog both the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors and the current International Roadmap for Devices and Systems were mentioned in a discussion of the need for roadmaps [Ref. 1].   As the semiconductor industry moves into the … Continue reading

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Below nano gets more interesting

Last blog mentioned metallic hydrogen at a very small level.  As the computational power increases, we are able to examine (theoretically at least) the behavior of various materials.  There is a significant amount of effort being directed at the investigation … Continue reading

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Interesting things

A couple thoughts on Hydrogen.  This might be old news to some, but two Harvard scientists have created metallic hydrogen [Ref. 1] by employing extreme pressures. This material is predicted to be metastable.  This implies that when the pressure is … Continue reading

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Progress and Concerns

Additional information related to last month’s blog.  Single layer technology advances from the DoE’s Argonne National Laboratory have moved the Molecular Layer Etching to the atomic level. [Ref. 1] Argonne Labs have been employing Atomic Layer Etching (ALE).  Just as … Continue reading

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Technology Roadmaps

The term “roadmap” implies something (a document, a pictorial representation, etc.) that provides the guidance to get from one point to another.  Due to the lack of a direction in developing large scale nanotechnology applications (author’s opinion), there is a … Continue reading

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Structured Materials

There is more reporting of “structured” materials.  The terminology employed to define “structured” overlaps with “metamaterials”.   First metamaterials are typically an engineered assembly of various elements that are constructed in specific atomic structure arrangements to create non-natural occurring combinations and … Continue reading

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2-dimentional material and other nano properties

Material: Two-dimensional materials seem to have a staying power in various technical news magazines.  The US Department of Energy released a report on efforts involving the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory work on molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). [Ref. 1]  Granted that the … Continue reading

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“In-between” Manufacturing

The volume manufacturing of electronics has been around since the early 1900s.  The introduction of the printed wiring (or circuit) board has been the basis of most of the electronic/electrical products since before World War II.  The vacuum tubes permitted … Continue reading

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This blog is a slight variation from the typical nanotechnology ones. The frequency of the mention of memristors has been increasing. Memristors are novel components of circuits which improves in performance as their size moves into the nano realm..  I … Continue reading

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