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Developments in nanotechnology

Two-Dimensional Meta-Materials

The term meta-materials refers to materials that are created by producing material structures that do not occur in nature and also can be created with structural complexity that [..]

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New transistors in the nano realm

The current structures for semiconductor central processing units (CPUs) are being designed and produced with some dimensions in the single digit nanometer realm.  Beside being hard to make, [..]

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More nanomaterials, or is it metamaterials, or semiconductors?

Last month’s blog covered changes that are coming in the structure of semiconductor transistors.  With the announcement of 3nm devices [Ref. 1}, there is no uncertainty that the [..]

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Advancements for Nano and Below

Previous blogs have mentioned the need for improved tools and the goal of at least one order of magnitude greater capability than the objects attempting to be evaluated.  [..]


Nanoscale and semiconductors

There has been more information in the press about the coming 3nm generation of semiconductors.  [Note: I am on the semiconductor roadmap Litho subcommittee. Only information in the [..]

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Evolving nano developments

With the emphasis on nanotechnologies and the emphasis on two-dimensional materials, other areas that are pushing boundaries are often overlooked.  A recent article [Ref. 1] summarizes work done [..]


The Shrinking Dimensions

As semiconductor manufacturing continues the dimensional shrinking process, novel ideas are required to achieve the ability to continue shrinking the dimensions while increasing the performance.  There are some [..]

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More on Cement and other Nano

Just prior to the end of June, there were two articles on cement/concrete.  “How to Make a ‘Smarter’ Cement” [Ref. 1] covers reports from Northwestern University’s team that [..]


Nanomaterials and Cement

It has been an interesting month as the country starts coming back to “normal”.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to “attend” (virtually) a presentation by a [..]


2D Materials are Making Progress

The recent past few months have seen a few published articles on 2D materials and their applications.  The pace is picking up. One of the challenges of 2D [..]

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