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Developments in nanotechnology

Advancements for Nano and Below

Previous blogs have mentioned the need for improved tools and the goal of at least one order of magnitude greater capability than the objects attempting to be evaluated.  That development is beginning to become available. The May/June issue of Photonic … Continue reading

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Nanoscale and semiconductors

There has been more information in the press about the coming 3nm generation of semiconductors.  [Note: I am on the semiconductor roadmap Litho subcommittee. Only information in the public domain will be covered in any of these blogs.) As pointed … Continue reading

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Evolving nano developments

With the emphasis on nanotechnologies and the emphasis on two-dimensional materials, other areas that are pushing boundaries are often overlooked.  A recent article [Ref. 1] summarizes work done at King’s College London on relieving pain.  Their treatment employs a ultra-low … Continue reading

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The Shrinking Dimensions

As semiconductor manufacturing continues the dimensional shrinking process, novel ideas are required to achieve the ability to continue shrinking the dimensions while increasing the performance.  There are some thoughts that this potion of the Moore’s law curve will provide some … Continue reading

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More on Cement and other Nano

Just prior to the end of June, there were two articles on cement/concrete.  “How to Make a ‘Smarter’ Cement” [Ref. 1] covers reports from Northwestern University’s team that introduced nanoparticles into ordinary cement.  They investigated two types of nanoparticles and … Continue reading

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Nanomaterials and Cement

It has been an interesting month as the country starts coming back to “normal”.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to “attend” (virtually) a presentation by a University of Texas at Austin professor.  Professor Hugh Daigle provided a very … Continue reading

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2D Materials are Making Progress

The recent past few months have seen a few published articles on 2D materials and their applications.  The pace is picking up. One of the challenges of 2D materials is that the materials need to be incorporated into some other … Continue reading

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Nanotechnology gets even stranger

Nanotechnology is interesting.  When one starts to think that we have a reasonable knowledge of particle behavior, someone finds something new and interesting.  A basic assumption in thermodynamics is that objects change temperature (warming up or cooling down) at the … Continue reading

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New Developments in the World of Nano

Tools: In previous blogs I have mentioned that to truly work at a small scale, one needs to be able to measure to at least a dimension that is one-tenth the size of what you are measuring.  Ideally, the capabilities … Continue reading

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Updates and Some Nanotechnology Developments

In doing research for an upcoming published paper, I ran across an interesting article.  In September 2019, a research article was published that postulated the worst case situation for a worldwide pandemic, of unknown origins, might have a devastating impact … Continue reading

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