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Developments in semiconductors

Power Challenges for Greater Computing

As mentioned in previous blogs [Ref. 1] the power consumption to manufacture semiconductors has raised concern.  The International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) [Ref. 2] has been [..]

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More Optical Metamaterials

Previous blogs have covered metamaterials for optics including an invisibility cloak.  Reference 1 moves into the shorter wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light.  It is interesting in that [..]

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3-D and Electronics

There has been a lot written about 2-D transistors and the coming applications involving the properties of the circuitry and its ability to create denser circuitry.  There are [..]

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More nanomaterials, or is it metamaterials, or semiconductors?

Last month’s blog covered changes that are coming in the structure of semiconductor transistors.  With the announcement of 3nm devices [Ref. 1}, there is no uncertainty that the [..]

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A New Year, New Opportunities

Semiconductors are always in the news as the drive for greater capabilities in ever decreasing package sizes.  With the announcement of 3nm node devices going into production, the [..]

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Chiplets – What are semiconductor chiplets and why needed

As there are more references to the development of semiconductor chiplets, it might be useful to consider what they are and why they are needed. As the size [..]

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Where Wafer Scale Integration Came From

This is a story that starts in the early days of electronics.  As new concepts were developed for applications employing electricity, there was a need to develop a [..]

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Is there an end to transistor area density shrinkage?

Moore’s Law is quoted in many different forms.  Basically, area density is a primary focus.  If the difference between generations in a 30% reduction in dimensions, then the [..]

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Nanoscale and semiconductors

There has been more information in the press about the coming 3nm generation of semiconductors.  [Note: I am on the semiconductor roadmap Litho subcommittee. Only information in the [..]

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More on Semiconductors

Last month, this blog covered some of the challenges of continually shrinking semiconductor geometries and the related difficulties with traditional transistor designs.  This month’s blog explores transistor geometry.  [..]

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