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A Look at Technology in 2022 – Nanomaterials, MEMS/NEMS, Metamaterials

As 2022 begins, predicting (guessing) where technology will go is almost always wrong.  This is an opportunity to highlight some of the developments that that appear possible to occur. Nanomaterials: Nanomaterials have been around for more than a couple of … Continue reading

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Ultra-pure material

We already reported on the development of two-dimensional nano-sheet transistors and other two-dimensional materials.  One of the challenges that has been previously mentioned is the fact that we do not know the material properties of “pure” materials.  Current technology provides … Continue reading

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Experiments & Results

Previously, we have covered the challenges of experiments and the need for reproducibility.  Recently, there has been an additional occurrence that merits discussion.  There has been a study where roughly 100 peer reviewed articles that were published in respectable journals … Continue reading

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Developments as the Year ends

As technology moves more into the nano realm, interesting items are turning up.  Researchers at the University of Manchester, UK have found quasiparticles in a lattice of boron nitride with graphene in the middle and another layer of boron nitride … Continue reading

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Below nano gets more interesting

Last blog mentioned metallic hydrogen at a very small level.  As the computational power increases, we are able to examine (theoretically at least) the behavior of various materials.  There is a significant amount of effort being directed at the investigation … Continue reading

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Interesting things

A couple thoughts on Hydrogen.  This might be old news to some, but two Harvard scientists have created metallic hydrogen [Ref. 1] by employing extreme pressures. This material is predicted to be metastable.  This implies that when the pressure is … Continue reading

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Scientific Integrity and COVID-19

I’ve written about validating scientific findings previously.  With the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, there have been numerous published claims of various “facts”, which are based on models.  It was only a couple of months ago that the news carried projections … Continue reading

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Move over “Nano”, “Pico” is coming.

Nothing remains on top (or at the bottom) forever.  “Pico” is three orders of magnitude smaller than “nano”.  A rule-of-thumb is that to be able to manufacture or produce something, one must be able to measure to at least an … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Reproducible Research

Twice last year, April and November, this blog addressed fake science.  That challenge has not gone away based on recent news articles.  But if one assumes the research is accurately reported and the independent research has differing results, the question … Continue reading

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Faking Science

A portion of this topic was covered in the April 2018 blog, but enough additional material has surfaced that this information needs to be covered again.  The reproducibility issue covered in April is one thing.  The ability to slant results … Continue reading

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