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A Look at Technology in 2022 – Nanomaterials, MEMS/NEMS, Metamaterials

As 2022 begins, predicting (guessing) where technology will go is almost always wrong.  This is an opportunity to highlight some of the developments that that appear possible to [..]

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Experiments & Results

Previously, we have covered the challenges of experiments and the need for reproducibility.  Recently, there has been an additional occurrence that merits discussion.  There has been a study [..]

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Interesting Times due to Interesting Discoveries

In previous blogs, two dimensional semiconductors have been discussed.  Work at Singapore University of Technology and Design has developed a different approach to solving the issues of very [..]

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The Shrinking Dimensions

As semiconductor manufacturing continues the dimensional shrinking process, novel ideas are required to achieve the ability to continue shrinking the dimensions while increasing the performance.  There are some [..]

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Let’s start 2021 out with a question.

In today’s technical reports, there are more references to Artificial Intelligence performing analyses of materials for developing an understanding of the properties of various combinations of materials at [..]

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Developments as the Year ends

As technology moves more into the nano realm, interesting items are turning up.  Researchers at the University of Manchester, UK have found quasiparticles in a lattice of boron [..]

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Research Impacts at the End of the Great Shutdown

As the world starts to come out of the Covid–19 shutdown, there are many things that will be required for research organizations to address prior to beginning their [..]

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A Time of Turmoil and a Time of Opportunity

As this month’s blog is being written, the US has a “shelter-in-place” directive that has been extended through the end of April.  There are many reports of possible [..]

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Is that all there is?

With apologies for using the title of a Peggy Lee song from the 70s, this reference is to nanotechnology.  There are continually more interesting findings as researchers move [..]

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Another Year of Progress (?)

As always when reflecting over a year that is ending, there is good news and there is bad news.  We’ll start with the good.  A lot of technology [..]

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